1000 words Feel Good Story

Many will understand the physical and emotional trauma of needing an organ transplant. In this story, of personal experience, I try to give an insight from the aspect of the recipient and close family.

From the insiduious beginning of pain and fatigue, the hopes and the fears. All tinged with the sorrow of knowing you could live only because another human being has lost their
life and another family is suffering loss. They are the heroes in this story.

‘They’ve got a kidney for me, Mum!’ My Son Steve was almost shouting into the phone, he was so excited. My heart missed a beat, as I realised the enormity of his statement. This was the phone call we have all been waiting for. It had finally arrived. What now? “I’m on my way Steve.” I said replacing the receiver and grabbing the car keys in one movement. Then it happened!

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