2000 words Feel Good

As they prepare for their wedding, Katie and Greg embark on a very special treasure hunt.

Katie sat on the old swing seat, long legs trailing as she rocked backwards and forwards. “Is there room for two?” She hadn’t heard Greg approach and she smiled as she lifted her face for his kiss. “Of course there is,” Katie said, sliding along so that he could sit beside her. Greg lifted a strand of dark hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear. “Your mum thought you might be out here,” he said. Katie nodded. “This was Grandpa Pete’s favourite place. He loved being outdoors but his own garden was tiny. When I was a little girl, we always sat here together while he told me the most fantastic stories about pirates and mermaids and fairies at the bottom of the garden. I thought he would last forever; I can’t quite believe he won’t be here for the wedding.”

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