1850 words Feel Good Story

Edna is reading through her text messages and has to delete some so as to make room for the latest message that’s popped into her in-box. Reluctantly she deletes the everyday messages from her family and friends and remembers fondly the events mentioned.

When she gets to read the latest one, she’s slightly disappointed, but her husband makes sure she has a birthday treat to remember.

‘Do you need anything from this end of town?’ Barry leaned across to open the glove box and put his driving glasses away. ‘I only need the bank.’ Edna shook her head, ‘No, I’ll wait here; I’ve got all we need.’ Groceries from their favourite supermarket filled the back seat of the car. ‘That lot should last us a few days.’ She gave Barry a wave when he looked back as he crossed the car park. Since Barry had taken early retirement, shopping together, then home to try the crossword in her weekly magazine had become a Thursday morning habit. Reaching for a quick peek at the stories waiting to be read, Edna flicked the pages, then decided to save them for later, as a treat with afternoon tea.

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