1500 word Feel Good Fiction

You don't get to choose your family, although Major George Smyth would certainly chose a different son-in-law. He can't stand the fellah, which means that he doesn't see much of his daughter and grandchildren. The last thing he needs is to get involved in the young whippersnapper's court case.

Major George Smyth felt cold all over as he walked through the mist. He'd overslept, and it left him stiff and aching. It needed a little discipline to get past the arthritis and get going, but after twenty years in the army, discipline was never a problem. The loneliness was harder to deal with, but Jade was a great consolation. He watched her as she loped back and forwards, sniffing trees and chasing rabbits. She'd better enjoy Tinker's Dale while she could. Some pen-pusher had decided to move the railway station right out there, miles from the town centre. Stupid idea, even if it didn't involve ripping up ancient woodland into the bargain.

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