Nameless, Yet Known – Elliot Andreopoulos

1800 words General / Feel Good Fiction

A story about an obese depressed young man living his life in fear.  He wanders around his college campus to mellow his depression when he meets a girl who doesn’t judge him for his imperfections.  The more they talk, the greater their love grows.

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I sat alone in the college cafeteria eating away my pain. People stared at me, but never offered me to join them because my grotesque appearance would lower their social standing. I ate like I was hording before a fast, littering my table with chicken bones and grease stained napkins. Peas got flung at me from a table of jocks, all with gym chiseled bodies and wearing expensive clothes bought with their parents’ money. Despite wanting to retaliate, I ignored them because there is a direct correlation between recidivism and neglect, and sure enough they stopped after I gave no reaction.

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