Enchanted – Eleni Konstantine

1700 words Fantasy

Katharine’s life has become static. She has no friends and her workaholic husband hardly notices her.
Enchantment and fascination comes in the form of a mysterious painting.

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Enchanted, Katherine could not move from where she stood. In front of her was one of the most glorious sights she had ever seen. She did not know why the wooden framed painting held a special appeal. A connoisseur of art she was not, but something told her this was an extraordinary piece. The scene of the lonely unused cottage, the emerald coloured forest in the background, the unkempt fields and the rising sun all evoked a sense of enchantment. Coming up a path on horseback was a broad shouldered man who wore a brown cloak and a sword strapped to his side. His face was obscured in shadow and…

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