The Day Death Wore Boots – A Collection of Ghost Stories

cover smallThe Day Death Wore Boots – ghost stories to leave you looking… and wondering…

Find out if the miniature Western town is really a toy in the title story. Was Jed Holloway’s death really down to faulty brakes – The Haunted Rig? You want to go home from your holiday in the Costa Del Sol but is it safe – Spanish Midnight? Does it matter that you don’t believe in ghosts when the ghost believes in you – Shard?

From Pompeii to the Wild West, from Australia to the shores of the United Kingdom the spirit world may be closer than you think!

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The Passing of Mrs Parker Woodburn – E J Lamprey

3700 word Ghost Story

Mrs PW was quite put out about being murdered. It wasn’t that her life had been particularly exciting, but that gave no-one the right to steal it in any, and indeed every, way. Her quite natural resentment spilled over into the afterlife, which in itself was not at all what she had expected…

Included in the Collection ‘The Day Death wore Boots’

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Mrs Polly Parker Woodburn rather treasured her eccentricities. She collected them with care, giving each possibility careful consideration before either discarding it or polishing it to a point where it could be introduced to the select society of which she was an undisputed leader. Success was measured by the genteel envy of her social rivals when they heard of ‘Polly’s latest’. She was quite rich enough to get away with the wildest of excesses but would never have entertained such – just little, charming, foibles. Her personal favourite was her little death book and every night, after perfecting her appearance at bedtime so that she would be a truly handsome corpse, she wrote into the book the name of the person she had decided would be the principal heir of her substantial estate, should she die during the night.

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