3200 words General Fantasy

Does the Flight of the Sea Eagle bring a blessing or a curse to a prehistoric couple fatally banished by their isolated tribe after failing to prove themselves strong at initiation? Steadily starving, locked between sea and the mountain Barrier, Moonambel leaves to end it. Sonniel, left alone, sees something fall from the Barrier, before he is led to discover what lies beyond.

It was early dawn when they set out. Frost crackled under the shoes the cobbler had stitched for them in the clear light of their mother - the Moon - full and pregnant, burnished by star shine on the night of the equinox. The eastern sky glowed faintly salmon, the day promising to be bright and fair. As they strode along the cliff top way the first rays of the sun reached out to them across the water, blessing them with a golden promise. They turned to it, hands raised in gratitude, and watched the glittering pathway widen towards them. ‘Our Father blesses us,’ whispered Moonambel, awestruck.

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