3400 words Fantasy / Ghost Story

A model town, a Western model town, is displayed in the shop window. It's expensive but the narrator has to buy it. But he buys more than he realises, for the model is in fact a living breathing town and what he has is a window into it. Slowly he becomes more and more involved in this strange phenomenon, one which threatens to destroy his sanity!

Included in the collection 'The Day Death Wore Boots'

The thing is ... I’m old enough to know better, old enough to know it isn’t a good idea to stand looking in the window of an ‘antique’ shop and be taken in by a toy. It’s not like I’m lonely, is it? I mean ... I got a life, ain’t I? Course I have. Go to work, talk to people, shop, talk to people, come home, cook my TV dinner which I eat in front of the computer – all right, I’m lonely. But that’s beside the point, really it is. I wanted the toy cos I wanted the toy, not because I don’t have a life.

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