The Lucky Ones – David Turnbull

9100 words Science Fiction

Can Jonathan Noonan’s small act of rebellion help Mai and her nomadic community in their struggle to survive on the barren sand flats of an abandoned Earth one hundred and fifty years later?  In a future fraught with uncertainty who will turn out to be the lucky ones?

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July 9th 2098 Chaos had broken out across the Village andthe departure timetable that Jonathon Noonan’s parents had been diligently working towards had been abandoned. Without exception all residents were being urged to leave immediately.Jonathon was trying his utmost to follow his mother’s lead and remain calm. “The gates will hold,” she assured him, as they hurried across the rooftop. “The majority of the security operatives remain loyal. They’ll see to it that nothing untoward happens to us.” Jonathon wasn’t convinced. Approaching the waiting gyrocopter he could feel the adrenalin rushing through his veins. There was a terrible nervous cramp in his stomach and it seemed that he couldn’t quite draw enough air into his lungs.

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