My Father’s Bullets – Daniel Davis

10500 words Mystery / Literary Fiction

Mitch has just discovered that his recently-deceased father was, in fact, a contract killer.  As Mitch begins to assemble the pieces of his father’s life, he must cope with his own identity, his father’s identity, and a strange man who seems to be following him…

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My father was a contract killer for twelve years of his life. Sometime between retiring from the Army, and writing investigative pieces for Canadian wildlife journals, he traveled the world assassinating people. He only took two or three jobs a year; I remember him being home during my childhood, keeping up the house while Mom worked at the shop she owned. When I asked my father what he did for a living, he would reply that he did “security work,” and that occasionally he had to go overseas. Hong Kong. Havana. Cairo. I was too young and too politically naïve to ever connect his travels with the subsequent assassinations; the people he killed were usually too low-key to make the American press anyways.

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