Spinning Wheel – Craig Davis

7500 words Literary Fiction

SpinningWheel-CraigDavisAbuse pursues generations until a daughter breaks free.

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Well, the war had ended. Joy swept across the weary cities and worn homesteads of the nation, drawing cheering crowds into the streets, and drained wives and mothers out of farmhouses, waving their aprons. Flashbulbs caught euphoric couples in mid-embrace, and microphones sent exultant speeches to all the country’s radios as politicians congratulated themselves. Years of struggle and hardship left the population exhausted, yet also elated at having merely survived, each man and woman outlasting their emotions as well as the enemy overseas. The war’s imposed rationing had capped off more than ten years of the unofficial, but no less cruel deprivations of the Great Depression – everyone knew there was nothing great about it, other than its tenacity.

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