2170 words Christmas Story

Debra is definitely not happy.  Called at short notice to help out in the Store’s Grotto, dressed in a ridiculous fairy costume that scarcely fits, Debra is counting the days until it’s over. To make matters worse, things are not going well in her love life. Can a little girl visiting the Grotto, and her simple belief in magic, change all that? It is Christmas after all.

Debra kicked off the sparkly shoes and gently rubbed her feet. Did anyone really have feet that narrow she wondered. She wiggled her toes, imagining the pleasure they must be feeling at being released. That’s how crazy this job was making her. She knew the wings strapped to her back would have to stay, but somehow managed to lift the glittery crown up slightly and give her head a good scratch. Then, and not for the first time, asked herself what she was doing dressed like this. Debra would be thirty three next birthday. Not old in human years maybe, but surely middle aged in fairy years, and positively elderly when it came to a position in Santa’s Grotto.

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