Pimples and Puppies – Chris Shafer

2300 words Young Adult Fiction

Fiona doesn’t like Amanda.  When Fiona attacks Amanda’s appearance, she gets an unexpected response. What she expected was a nasty come back, but what she got, leads Fiona to an apology and the discovery that Amanda is connected to her by a heartbreaking experience.

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So today in study hall, Amanda Graten tells Timmy Wermer that he looks like a zombie and “not in a good way.” Like there is a “good way” to look like a zombie. She is so rude. She thinks just because her dad owns the biggest company in our lame little town and almost everybody in school has at least one parent working for him that she is Amanda-The-Great, a town princess or something. Amanda, The-Not-So-Great, as I like to call her in my mind, goes around this school acting like everybody works for her, like we, teachers included, are her servants or something.

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