8400 words Children 6 - 10 

Connor had been grounded for having a poor report from school. He was wishing he was out riding his bike with all his friends.

He heard a scratching noise on his bedroom window, he felt scared when it did not stop, so he gently pulled back his curtains, and staring at him through his window, was the ugliest creature he had ever seen.

He opened his window to shoo the creature away, but, the creature jumped straight in and onto Connors bed.

Thus began a strong bond between them, which was to land Connor in a load of trouble.

Chapter 1 A Scary Meeting Connor was having a big sulk, and no mistake, because his friends were all out on their bikes. The mountain bike craze had taken off on the estate. They would now be speeding down the slope to the park, racing and jumping their bikes as far off the ground as possible. Skidding to a stop and turning the bikes completely around, tyres and brakes screeching. Connor’s parents had grounded him for a week, for not doing his homework. The head teacher had summoned them to the school to discuss Connor’s lack of interest in his schoolwork. Of course, they had never had this trouble with Isobel his big sister. She was their pet, and a swot at that, she never did anything wrong.

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