650 words Children 5 - 7 years

The news that fussy Aunt Alice was coming to stay the weekend sent the residents of Woodbine Cottage into a fluster. Aunt Alice was well known for liking everything just so and Grandma Jones knew there would be a lot of tidying up to do, Everything went well until the lawnmower broke down, right in the middle of mowing the lawn. Everything looked lost, that is until Bertie Beagle and his friends came to the rescue.

“We are having a visitor this weekend.” Grandma Jones told Bertie Beagle. “My sister Alice is coming to stay with us for the Bank Holiday.” Bertie had met Aunt Alice before and he knew she was a very fussy person. She refused to let him sit on the sofa or the armchairs, and kept putting his favourite toys away in the cupboard.

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