A Dog Story – Carolyn Cordon

900 words Crime

Stuart isn’t enjoying his working life, not enjoying it at all. His boss treats him like rubbish, and Stuart doesn’t like it, not one bit. But Stuart has a plan . . . A Dog Story is a short piece of crime fiction, with sharp bite at the end.

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He looked at me with that smug sneer on his smarmy face. ‘If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong,’ he said, and shrugged his shoulders. What could I do? Ralph was my manager, the man who I wanted to sign my leave form. If he didn’t sign the form, I’d be stuck in Adelaide while my family holidayed in Europe. I could agree with the idiot and suck up to him, anything to get what I wanted. ‘All right, Ralph, I guess you know more about dogs than I do.’

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