5200 words Women's Fiction

Laura is a writer who likes to sit writing in a coffee shop to stimulate her creativity. One stormy day she meets her guardian angel who has come to help her.

In the end it didn’t matter if she didn’t write today. Laura held the delete key down on her computer, wiping the words on her screen away—a clear page, until all that remained was the flashing cursor waiting again, like an anxious scribe waiting to fill a new sheet. The action represented her life, she thought, a clean slate—back to a default position. The torrential rain streamed down the windows. Laura was sitting in the warmth of a deserted coffee shop at a table by the steamy window, looking out towards the sea wall. Every so often the angry, stormy sea sent a big wave splashing over it, as a reminder of its mood. ‘That should reflect my state,’ she thought, ‘but I feel nothing.’

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