The Wishful Spirit – Carol Bevitt

2000 word Ghost / Feel Good Story

Photographer Jack Sawyer doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when he escapes to the little seaside village of a pirate ancestor, he meets archaeologist Lizzie Gibson, and discovers he’s arrived at the perfect moment to help save their museum- with a little help from a mischievous ghost.

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“I’ve plans for you and the lassie, Jack me lad…” A faint voice whispered. Jack glanced over his shoulder to see who’d spoken, but the short concrete promenade behind him was empty. “In the 17th century our little village was a regular watering hole for Privateers; though I must say some were nothing more than Pirates. Such a one was Jacob Sawyer, known to all, then as now, as ‘Bold Jack’. He liked Little St Rudd so much that he retired here, and during the remainder of his life endowed our community with his largesse.”

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