Last Respects – Barbara Brockway

2500 words General Fiction

Alice has a specific motive for attending her elderly sister’s wake, although it isn’t to mourn. Saying goodbye to a beloved sibling is never easy, let alone one with whom you’ve had a complicated, strained relationship. Alice’s unique way of sending off her estranged sister is anything but orthodox, but it gives her a peculiar sort of closure.

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Alice walked slowly through the funeral home’s hushed lobby, her shuffling footsteps drowned out by soothing music being piped in through unseen speakers. The hem of her dark grey dress hung crookedly below her knees, her panty hose bagged at her thin ankles. She stopped and checked her wristwatch. Her plan had been to get there just as it was starting, there would be fewer people around. She didn’t want to mingle, she wanted to accomplish her task and get out.

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