The Tower – B. T. Joy

5100 words Horror

When Dr. Braider suggested his patient Ethan Dwight travel back to Marksville, Louisiana, and the old tower that was the site of a horrific childhood trauma Ethan’s girlfriend, Laura, took control of the situation. But as they grow ever closer to a place that, till now, has only existed in Ethan’s nightmares, the couple become increasingly haunted by whatever it is that’s still living there.

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They’d stopped on Winn Street, outside St. James. Ethan hadn’t broken his silence for a moment as he parked up by the church and Laura knew better than to challenge his decision. At the best of times, when Ethan needed silence, he needed silence; and this wasn’t the best of times. From here they could both see the grey lines of Interstate 49 stretching clear back to Shreveport where it joined the roads that led onto Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi; or to anywhere, for that matter, but the place they were going to. Ethan touched his lips with his tongue. Laura watched him quietly, quite aware of his tells by now, but conscious not to be the first to speak.

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