He’s Weird – Annabel Mackenzie

2400 words Children 7 – 11 / Women’s Fiction

There’s one thing Robbie’s sure of: George Rillick is weird. His head’s always stuck in that little white book and he won’t show it to anyone. Now Robbie’s mum has invited him round for tea! Before the day is up, Robbie decides, he’ll get a look at that book.

This story is included in the collection Read It Again

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“But, Mum,” Robbie whined, “he’s weird.” “He is not weird,” Mrs Hornscruff snapped. “George has had a difficult time. The least we can do is have him round for tea.” “But no-one will talk to me if I make friends with him.” “If that’s true,” Mrs Hornscruff said flatly, “then they’re not your real friends.” She turned around and carried on with the washing up. “And you don’t want friends like that,” she added over her shoulder. Robbie stormed out of the kitchen, up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door behind him. He plonked down on the bed and felt anger burning red on his cheeks. Mums don’t understand anything!

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Read It Again – 20 Stories for Children of All Ages

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