Long Distance Pet – Ann Parr

1800 words Children 7 – 11 years

Clayton fell in love with his first lamb at eight and prepared the lamb for show. He won. Will he sell the lamb for big bucks and send it to slaughter or keep it, preventing him from buying more lambs for the next year? He works out an elegant solution.

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Clayton Smith whistled. Smokey, his gray-headed Hampshire-cross lamb, perked up her head. She waddled toward the gate. Clayton folded himself over the barnyard fence, reaching for Smokey’s wooly chin. It was April, and Smokey had not been shorn yet, so her fleece was thick and curly. Clayton whispered secrets in Smokey’s ear that only the two of them shared. Smokey nodded her head as if she agreed. Clayton was convinced Smokey was the smartest animal on the farm. He had had other pet animals—cattle, horses, pigs, and chickens—but none were as special as Smokey. Smokey went the direction Clayton wanted her to go before Clayton said a word or made a hand motion.

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