1800 words Women's Fiction

Told in the form of journal entries and letters to God, this story follows a young boy named Jordan, during his last weeks of life.  Readers are encouraged to find a spot where they are comfortable having a deeply emotional reaction to this heart-rending tale.

The doctors said it was okay for Jordan to have a puppy. Joe thinks it’s a good idea. He said we can even train it to help him a little, picking things up off the floor and such. I know when Joe says “we,” he really means me, since I am at home caring for the children. He said he always had a dog as a boy and doesn’t see why Jordan shouldn’t too. Maybe, we can get one of those specially trained dogs. Jordan gets so frustrated at the things he can’t do that other kids can. Then that frustration turns into anger at being sick. It broke my heart the other day when he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said, “I’m not ready to go Mom. Why does God want me so soon?”

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