The laughing rabbit640 words Children 3 - 7 years

All the animals that lived in the wood, were getting tired of hearing Bonnie the rabbit constantly laughing. Every time she saw one of them she would laugh, and  laugh and laugh.

Not one of the animals could get to the bottom of it. Even Bonnie's rabbit family could not understand why she was constantly laughing. So all the animals decided to gather round for a meeting. Perhaps one of them might come up with a reason for Bonnie's behaviour.

Bonnie the rabbit had lots of brothers and sisters, as well as all the other animals in the wood, who were her friends. She was a very happy rabbit, and would laugh all the time even if there wasn’t anything particular to laugh at. Although all the other rabbits and animals in the wood were happy, they found Bonnie’s laughing rather a nuisance at times.

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