4750 words Ghost story

The discovery of a C17th grave and its contents by workmen  in a church sparks the resurrection of a malevolent spirit and a deadly  confrontation with the current Vicar. Secrets from the past are revealed  in the final face off.

Tom Hooper pulled the local newspaper out of his jacket pocket. Behind him lurked the shadowy walls of St Edburgha's church. He still had to lock up for the night, but first he wanted to read the piece all his work crew had been talking about. “Dug UP! 800 year old church’s secrets.” Ran the headline. “Builders have unearthed the long lost burial site of the infamous Reverend Jacob Greswold, who died in 1660! Work has been halted while the grave is inspected. Foreman Tom Hooper said, 'Yeah it's very exciting for us all when something like this turns up. (Hooper smirked). We all want the Reverend’s remains to be reburied with the proper respect and of course the appropriate authorities have to be notified.’

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