1500 words Feel Good Story

Myra, recently separated and learning to live for herself,  has an encounter on the train from Leeds which changes her perceptions  and heralds a new beginning.

The two Goths, had been following Myra all day. They were now sitting in the same train carriage with her, just a few seats away. Myra was appalled by their black painted lips, nails and eyes and alarmed by their array of silver knuckle skull rings. Their ebony heads pressed close together reminded her of cuddling crows. They clearly had no concept of boundaries thought Myra, who prided herself on living her own life within a rigid code of rules. Myra tugged at her neat blue Laura Ashley jacket, pulling it tighter over her white blouse and crossing her right tan coloured shoe over her left. She noticed how the light caught the shiny gilt buckles on her loafers, making them gleam. They’d come up well with a bit of a polish. Worth the extra elbow grease she’d put into them this morning, she thought with satisfaction.

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