4000 word Fantasy / Science Fiction

Emily Shanton is lonely, she has recently been forced out of her job. She discovers there is more to her new neighbour, Jemma, than meets the eye. Jemma is everything Emily isn’t: young, outgoing, comfortable socially, but has a secret. Emily discovers, the hard way, what this is.

The blonde woman over the road was painting her front door in British racing green. ‘And about time,’ Emily Shanton told herself, finally letting her brilliant white net curtains drop into their usual position. ‘Given she has visitors at all hours all week her house needs a decent spruce up. Mother said women who always had visitors could never be up to any good. Mother was so right and on so many things.’ Emily paused. I shouldn’t have thought that. Mother would’ve thought it. She relished thinking nastily. Mother was difficult. Will I ever forget about her? I won’t be like her. I won’t. She was a tyrant. I must make myself think nice thoughts.

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