1100 word Fantasy / Science Fiction

Narrated by an alien collector of specimens, disillusioned with their job. They reveal what their job entails and leave evidence to warn humans not every alien is as honourable (by their standards) as this one.  They know the consequences of their actions could be fatal.

I’ll leave my notes and universal translator here so you can read why I jacked in my job to explore different worlds for my enjoyment, rather than my bosses’ profit margins. I’m not going into how those profit margins were shared but I’ll be the year’s top earner at the end of this trip if all goes well. It’s why I’ve stuck it out for so long. The penalty for disobedience is an electric shock applied to one’s intimate areas. Not fun I can tell you. I’m still the best worker, despite having the treatment five times, which is why I’m here and not dead.

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