Who Believes in Superstition? – Alana Duffy

2100 words Women’s Fiction

The village fete falls on Friday 13th – a day nortorious for bad luck. Lily doesn’t usually believe in supersition, despite her husband and mother’s teasing. However, after experiencing several clumsy accidents while helping her mother on the refreshment stall at the fete, she begins to wonder if there really is any truth to the susperstitious curse. Just when she thinks she is plagued with bad luck, her husband shows her that Friday 13th doesn’t necessarily have to be an unlucky day.

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Lily’s breath fogged up the glass, as she gazed longingly through the grimy windows into the old florist shop. To everyone else this once thriving business was nothing more than a dark, desolate shell, but to Lily and her husband, Adam it was the perfect location for a family bakery. She envisaged the counter lined with a wide selection of delicacies, homemade of course, and even half a dozen tables and chairs dotted around the warmly decorated room.

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