The Mystery of the Island Creature – Ailsa Thom

6300 words Fantasy / Humour

Is there something unnatural living on a Scottish island?  The islanders, a journalist, and a secret government department all try to find the answer.  But perhaps it will take the unwilling intervention of the Prime Minister himself to find the truth.

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It was the middle of May when reports of the creature began to surface online. These reports were themselves the amplification of the whispers and rumours which had been spreading across the island in previous weeks. The first confirmed sighting had been when Geordie the postie had almost run his van into it. On his route along the bay from the post office, a large shape had loomed dark in the pre-sunrise mirk; a negativity in the glow of the horizon and the brightening of the sky. This sudden absence of light in front of him had startled Geordie out of a dwam and he slammed on the brakes. He later said that he had felt, or sensed, a presence.

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