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 Once you have downloaded your stories from there are two ways to add your files to your Kindle:

A)    Attach your Kindle to the computer by the charging lead’s USB connection. Your Kindle contents folder should automatically open on your pc. (If it is the first time you have done this, you will need to restart your computer for the software to work after the first Kindle connection.)

From the Kindle folder open the ‘Documents’ folder and simply copy the downloaded files into the folder these will automatically synchronise to your Kindle.

B)     Attach the downloads to an email from your approved email address (see 2 below) and send them to your Kindle email address (see 1 below).

If your Kindle is set up for wireless and you are in a connected area then your documents will go across immediately. If you use the Amazon Whispernet system they will take longer to transfer.

To find your Kindle email address go to Amazon then:

From the ‘Your Account’ drop down menu select ‘Manage Your Kindle’

Then from the left hand menu select ‘Personal Document Settings’

On this screen you have two things that you will need –

1)     Your ‘kindle email address’ – this will be something such as  firstname.lastname@kindle .com – You will need this to send documents to your Kindle

2)      Your ‘approved personal document email list’ – these are the email addresses you can use to send your files to your Kindle.

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