Between Times – Henry Mitchell

In this soul-sustaining sequel to The Summer Boy by Henry Mitchell, the character whom readers love, grows up, moves through an adventurous career, and learns even more about himself in the process. The trilogy (third novel coming soon) by Henry Mitchell follows Benjamin Drum in and out of the Laurel—a misty place in the southern Appalachians, where time twists and turns, and returns, and creatures travel in and out of invisible boundaries.

This is a quest tale, and the grail for Drum is the fulfilling of Socrates’ pithiest adage: know thyself. The author’s choice to make him a nomadic, famed National Geographic photographer is brilliant. What career could be more thrilling, exciting, satisfying? What could lead to self-reflection more than looking into the hearts of people in every kind of culture?

And that’s where readers get to see that real life takes place on a different plane—a place where love and personal connection go deep. Where the most sophisticated filters are removed from lenses, and genuine living is done.

Mitchell has an ingenious flare for weaving characters through the past, present and future. His scene descriptions are poetic and masterful. And I would love to give you the tender quote by Millie toward the end, but then you would know too much. Readers—read this book!

Brenda Havens 7/11/15

You can buy the book HERE

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