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I spend time most days either rewriting/editing/blogging, but I write original creative fiction about 2-3 times a week. I live in a small town, Bingley, near Bradford- probably most famous for the building society which is based there. I write at all times of the day, sometimes into the early hours if I feel I am on a roll; whenever it fits around family and other commitments – like emptying the dishwasher! I drink mugs and mugs of Earl Grey tea while I write, in my study usually with one of our cats sat with me. Well by the radiator really. I write straight onto a old refurbished pc now, using Word and Office surrounded by my favourite pictures and clippings. Though I do still make notes while I’m out and about with a notepad and pen. Each writing tool has its place I find. I have an Audrey Hepburn photo on my windowsill next to a Marilyn Monroe calendar. I love the old movies from Hollywood especially the film noirs starring Bogart and Bacall. In my spare time I sing with a local group, swim, meet up with friends, go to a scrapbooking club, rag rug, ferry my son around, go to the cinema a lot, theatre too and I’m an active member of Saltaire Writers’ Group which I’ve found helpful and supportive. I write short horror pieces (Flash Fiction), quite a few of which are published in on line magazines, longer spooky stories and fiction for children, so quite a range. The story appearing on alfiedog ‘The Nearly Boy’ is inspired by my son’s hobby of parkour which he used to do all around Bingley on the street furniture, leading to some consternation from passers by and some explanations from myself. I am working on a children’s book ‘The Runaway Umbrella’ illustrated by an art student I know, which I’m hoping will be out on Kindle nearer Christmas time. I am also working on a crime novella set in Post war Britain. I usually have a few pieces on the go, short, medium and long.

The Nearly Boy – Alyson Faye

900 words Teen Fiction

A young teen lad, who is being bullied at school, with a difficult home life, finds his confidence and a new job using his parkour skills.

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Sam ran down the pavement, vaulted a bollard, lassoed a lamp post with his right arm and swung himself over the fence next to the school playground, landing crouched but balanced, on the tarmac. He was late as usual. It was impossible trying to get Millie up, give her breakfast, get her dressed, drop her at school and still be on time himself. Meanwhile their Mum lay in bed, too sad to get up since his Dad had left.

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