A Wish For Christmas – Various Authors

Charles Dickens gave us a ghost at Christmas, he also gave us love, and snow and decorations. A Wish for Christmas gives the reader all that and more! Yes, of course there’s a ghost story – there is also a Christmas kleptomanic, a plethora of emotions, snow, tinsel, lights and family. Some stories brought tears to my eyes, some made me laugh, some are really well written, some are very short – ideal for that spare two minutes, others are longer. I enjoyed this book, and if you like Christmas, and all it entails, you might well like to immerse yourself in the bite sized chunks, too.

Christine Dugdale 12/8/15

When I first touched the corner of my Nook in order to wake up a new addition to my digital library – namely A Wish For Christmas – I had some mixed feelings. I expected a collection of good stories but I also feared that the stories might be too sweet for my taste. I`m glad to say that my fears were largely unjustified. All the stories were good, some of them exceptionally good. My favourite story was The Seventh Christmas by Susan Howe. In less capable hands, the story could become just another ordinary tale about ruined marriage, divorce and sexual abuse. What makes this story stand out is the narrative style. In her interior monologue, an unreliable narrator follows her unreliable memory as she tells us her story of the fallen relationship with her daughter. She blames and defends herself and we blame and forgive her of her faults and weaknesses. She is real as anybody of us could be and therefore the story feels very authentic. Another story that drew my attention was Peanut Butter Sandwiches by Margaret Pearce. Margaret used an object –a photograph of a dead person – to link normal reality with a dream-like one and to create an extended metaphor to show love and loss.
I also liked a wicked sense of humour in Christmas Spirit by Peter Lingard. I was a little shocked by the twist at the end of the story, even though I expected that the word Spirit in the title had a double meaning.
Anyway, the whole collection was worth to read, and not only during the festive season.

L. Sazanavets 24/4/15

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